Our Program

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City, MotherCoders is helping women with college degrees and work experience get on a career track in tech that leverages their unique skills, experiences, and passions. Whether it’s acquiring a particular skill-set for career advancement, re-entering the workforce after a pause for motherhood, or accelerating the growth of a startup, our training program enables students to gain enough skills, knowledge, and community support to confidently take the next step (or 2 or 3) toward a career in tech.

Our Approach

We use a combination of reading materials, online and in-class coding exercises, and classroom workshops and lectures to help students meet the learning goals listed below. Each cohort also visits a tech company to learn how tech teams work together to reach their business goals. Companies that have hosted us include AirBnB, Lyft, and Captricity.


Build Technical Skills

Students learn to build a simple website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, picking up basic skills in web and user experience design along the way.

Why: We focus on frontend web development because students already have a mental model for how they work, thus making it the easiest way to demystify the coding process and help students gain confidence in their own ability to succeed. Indeed, more than a third of our alums go on to tackle more advanced programming languages later.


Build Industry Knowledge

Students gain an overview of the technology landscape, including trends and issues affecting the marketplace, as well as potential career paths.

Why: Tech is merely a tool for solving problems. While technologies and software development methodologies are various and fast-changing, the human needs underlying the problems they're addressing aren't. By helping students gain contextual understanding of tech's role in society, they become more adept at connecting their passions and talents to a problem they want to solve, and then to a career that enables them to make the most impact.


Build a Network of Support

Students make connections with like-minded peers and industry professionals who help them push through challenges that inevitably arise along their journey. By regularly hosting technologists from the field as guest lecturers and panelists, we help our students gain the latest industry knowledge and insights on where it's going, as well as build the critical network capital needed to access job opportunities and mentorship.

Why: While technical skills matter a whole lot, it really does come down to people first. And there's nothing that fosters long-term success more than being part of a community where one can find a sense of belonging.

The Moms We Serve

Prisca Ekkens, Visual Designer

Prisca Ekkens, Visual Designer

Working Moms

MotherCoders is a convenient solution for women seeking technical skills for career advancement or a switch into a technical role.

Carmen Diaz - Software Engineer

Carmen Diaz - Software Engineer

Re-entering Moms

MotherCodes offers a supportive environment for women in need of tech skills and a peer and professional network for workforce re-entry.

Sysamone Phaphon - Startup Founder

Sysamone Phaphon - Startup Founder

Entrepreneur Moms

MotherCoders helps women with startups or startup ideas build foundational tech skills that enable them to accelerate their ventures.

Class Schedule

Saturday Classes

Classes take place every Saturday for 8 weeks from 10:00am-4:00pm. There's a class field trip to meet with a tech team that takes place on a Friday.


Weekday Classes

Classes take place every Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks from 10am-1pm. There's a class field trip to meet with a tech team that takes place on a Friday.

On-Site Childcare

We realize how difficult it can be to find affordable, dependable, and high-quality childcare. That's why MotherCoders is committed to providing it on site so our students can learn without worry. However, certain conditions do dictate which age groups we are able to accommodate at each site. (For example, some facilities can only accommodate kids between 3-36 months, some are set up for K-8, while others can serve youth age 14 and up.) Because child safety is of the highest concern to us, MotherCoders won't offer on-site childcare unless we can provide the same level of care that we'd give to our own kids. 


With on-site childcare: $4,500. Without on-site childcare: $4,000.

(Lunch is included for each class session.)

*The per student cost for delivering our program is approximately $7,300. We depend on the generosity of a community of donors to help us meet our funding gap.

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