Hello World from the Summer Class of 2016

MotherCoders alum Natalie Low debuts as a Course Manager. #killinit

MotherCoders alum Natalie Low debuts as a Course Manager. #killinit

Hello World!

Day One of MotherCoders was jam packed and left me with so many ideas, thoughts and questions.  Is it normal to feel uneasy AND excited about MotherCoders? :)

From a technical perspective, I was thrilled to get behind the scenes of web development, starting with understanding the quirks of a text editor, organizing files and seeing my demo codes on the web. This basic introduction provided a calming, credible and systematic approach that I was lacking in my own haphazard foray in updating my uncle’s real estate website.  

From another self-reflective perspective, Day One had me thinking about where I was before Mother Coders and how I arrived here.  

How did I get here?

It’s always been important to me to find ways to contribute to creating a just and equitable society. I was mainly inspired by working side by side with disenfranchised youth who felt the same way because of their passion and energy. These same youth and their stories have guided many of my life decisions, priorities and moral views.

Since embarking on the journey of motherhood, my world view took on this crazy laser-like focus on ensuring the survival of this tiny little person that her dad and I were responsible for. Motherhood became this new perspective or way of life that changed my day-to-day routine, shopping patterns, priorities and even politics. However, the readings and the class discussions have reminded me of the larger world view that I temporarily shifted to the back of my mind.

Bringing my life experience to tech

MotherCoders embraces my new filter as a mom and seeks to bring this voice and experience into the tech world. I was and am super excited to have found this opportunity to contribute a ‘mommy- and baby- friendly” perspective into the tech world.  

Day One provided an excellent reminder for me to think about how I will utilize the information learned through this tech orientation program.  What ‘value’ does this provide? For whom, does it benefit and just how accessible is it?

HELLO MotherCoders! There’s still so much more to learn. 

You can find Winner on Twitter @wfung00.