Designing A Solution

The Mothercoders group shoot with Anna!

The Mothercoders group shoot with Anna!

Connecting with my peers

Working with my team partner Paula, I had the opportunity to really understand her needs and challenges instead of making assumptions about an abstract theoretical audience. She humanized the issue(s).  By asking clarifying questions, I received real time feedback, noticed her emotional ups and downs regarding the topic, sensed when she was really excited, when we were making positive progress.

Reflecting on my work

Showing unfinished work to a human being was scary, but ultimately confidence building. We were able to collaborate on solutions and brainstorm ideas, address real problems. Showing unfinished work also allowed me to iterate quickly, to not fall in love with any specific aspects of my work. The process was actually fun and addictive. Shifted my perfectionist tendencies and altered my perspective on how to get from idea to real application.

The pace was intense, but it was great to feel so productive in such a short period of time. I’ve spent so many years in highly matrixed, highly collaborative, consensus-building corporate cultures that it was pretty empowering to feel so accomplished in such a short span of time.  Felt like a blood transfusion.

If I could do it again

If I had to do it all over again, I would continue asking for feedback, iterating, and seeing how feasibly the prototype could be built.

The one thing I want to try next is apply the model/framework to the app concept(s) I’ve been kicking around my head for months… see if I can do a design sprint over the next few days with people I know.