Wanted: Work Spouses

Lately I’ve been trekking from San Francisco all the way to Richmond, CA (about 25 miles each way) to see a career and leadership development coach with spiritual powers. (I know. Just wait.) But because this coach is sorta old school and works out of an office in her backyard, I’d never actually gotten a formal address to her place, only a set of driving instructions.

At our last appointment, I arrived about 15 minutes late. I was irate and frazzled, partly because there was crazy traffic that made the commute last almost an hour, and partly because I got lost in her neighborhood, zigging when I should’ve zagged. And when I finally got the place, my spiritual counselor was nowhere to be found. I looked in her office, then I peeked into her house.

Like all the way around the house. The kind of peeking that alarms the neighborhood watch.

“Did she forget about our appointment?”

“Did she think I wasn’t coming and left?

“Or maybe she got hung up somewhere and forgot to notify me.”

Then it occurred to me, “Hmmm...could I be at the wrong house?”

So I called her on the phone and together we figured out that yup -- I was, indeed, at the wrong place, standing inside some stranger's yard. Some might call this trespassing.

Turns out I was merely 1 block up from where I was supposed to be. When I finally arrived at my counselor's office, she grabbed my shoulders and said:

“My dear, you have to slow down. Take a deep breath. Do you realize you were literally standing in the wrong garden?”

Well, damn. If that isn't some cosmic wake-up call.

So all this to say: I need help with MotherCoders. In fact, I need some work spouses.

Specifically, in order for MotherCoders to get to the next level of awesome, we’re going to need a kick-ass co-founding team. After much rumination, what we really need to take us to the next level is a  Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and a Chief Financial & Operating Officer.

So if you’re into our mission and generally like things that are plucky, we’d love to hear from ya!