Come party with us!

Yay! To celebrate the moms of the Fall 2014 class, who finished our program right before Thanksgiving last year, we're throwing a party on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at ThoughtWorks, a global software company with offices in San Francisco. (RSVP here)

With the addition of these 7 moms from the Fall 2014 class, the total number of MotherCoders grads is now 13.

That’s 13 moms who now have the digital skills, the confidence, and the network to begin competing in the new economy!

That’s 13 families whose life trajectories are changed for the better because their mothers now have greater economic opportunity!

That's 23 kids who have gained an inspiring STEM role model, right there in their own home.



So we hope you’ll join us at the celebration! Please come out and congratulate the moms, see the websites they built, and hang out with the wonderful people that make up the MotherCoders community. Space is limited, so please do RSVP here.

And to give you that extra nudge to sign up now, we’ve got 30 early bird tickets at $25 each (50% off) for the taking!

Lastly, we'd like to extend a great big THANK YOU to ThoughtWorks for sponsoring our event! We're especially grateful for Andrew HoChoy and Jagruthi Bhikha for tugging on all the right heartstrings to make it happen.