A Mom-Led Crowdfund Campaign for MotherCoders

Hi, I'm Sarah Doczy, a MotherCoders graduate and board member. Today, I, along with my fellow MotherCoders grads, launched a crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo to raise $10,000 to help sustain program operations. We're doing this because we want to give back to MotherCoders, and so they can continue helping women like me.

Here's my story. I hope you'll support our campaign after reading it.

How I went from Stay at home Mom to Web Development

Like so many women, I chose to put my career on hold to care for my baby. Shortly after she was born, I knew I needed to upgrade my skills for when I was ready to go back to work. I wanted to be able to provide for my daughter, but at the same time have a career that I could possibly work flexible hours, when needed. That is when I was introduced to web development. The world of programming offers many high paying jobs, but programmers don’t always have work “traditional” hours. They can have more flexibility in choosing their own schedule.

I picked up my first HTML book and realized that I actually liked doing this and couldn’t wait to learn more. However, I didn’t have the luxury of putting my daughter in daycare while I ramped up my skills. I would find myself trying to stay awake late, or forcing myself to wake up early, but there is only so much learning I could do when I already wasn’t getting enough sleep due to do my baby waking up at all hours of the night. I had to ask myself “how was I going to pick up the important tech skills I need to compete in today’s economy?”

And then I found MotherCoders.

MotherCoders offered me the ability to improve my skill-set and confidence, all while having my baby close by in a nurturing space staffed with professional caregivers. This program paid off for me in more ways that I could ask. Shortly after the program ended, I landed a job in downtown San Francisco as a web developer. I now feel immensely more comfortable knowing that I have a set of skills that will be in demand, and that I have a career I enjoy!

Please support MotherCoders so they can help more women like me obtain a meaningful career with work-life balance.

You can learn more about our crowdfund campaign, including the great perks we've lined up for you, by visiting our campaign page. We hope we can count on your support!