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2015 Google Impact Challenge | Bay Area Finalist Winner

MotherCoders, a 2015 Google Impact Challenge | Bay Area finalist, was founded in 2013 by Tina Lee, a working mom.  Unable to find a resource that worked well for her when she wanted to get more proficient in computer programming, Tina launched MotherCoders because she had a hunch there might be other moms like her out there, yearning for a learning experience that involved lots of social interaction and support from like-minded peers.

Photo by Kien Lam

Photo by Kien Lam


What Keeps Us Up at Night

Gender inequality. Bad design. Babies.

Computer technology has revolutionized the way we interact with each other and our world.  As more and more businesses and organizations across industries are transformed by its adoption, digital literacy becomes ever more essential to thriving in the new economy.

Yet it's no secret that women continue to be woefully underrepresented in computing-related occupations in the U.S. (depressing stats here), and with a meager pipeline to boot in spite of market demand.

But so many women with kids want in on the tech game; they just need to level up their technical skills, and we're here to help.

Just imagine what would happen in our marketplace if we had more moms with digital literacy actively contributing to the design and development of new products and services.

Now imagine what would happen to our communities if more moms gained greater access to good paying jobs with growth potential.

And to make your head explode, now imagine what would happen to our children if they saw their moms engaging with technology in a way that led to economic opportunity and innovation.


Now let's get to work on reducing gender inequality, curtailing bad design, and inspiring our kids so we can all get some sleep.

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