These power moms are proving that the tech industry is no longer a man’s world.
— 2016 Power Moms in Tech List
In the U.S., 81 percent of women become moms by age 44, yet women with kids are excluded from most corporate diversity efforts.
— Why We Need More Mothers in the Workplace
A lot of millennials are approaching parenting age… why not start building that environment that is inclusive of parents?
— BRIDGE Speaker Series: Tina Lee, Founder of Mothercoders, on the importance of women in tech
Balancing a career in tech and entrepreneurship with having children is difficult for any parent, but it is an especially daunting challenge for women due to the expectations placed on mothers...
— How This Executive Balances Being a Mom and Building a Billion-Dollar Tech Company
The list makers we have chosen are practiced at making work that has an undeniable, tangible impact on both the art and the civic sectors.
— on MotherCoders Founder/CEO Tina Lee being named to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 2016 YBCA 100 List
MotherCoders was created specifically for women with children because mothers are one of the most underemployed populations in the US.
— Mums are formidable in the workplace – we need to hire more
The 9-week program offers the promise of digital literacy, industry knowledge, a peer and professional support system, and – perhaps the two most important words in any working mom’s vocabulary – on-site childcare.
— Gentry Magazine
I wish I had spent more time talking to working moms to learn about what to expect and how to overcome challenges related to work/life conflict.
— MotherCoders Founder/CEO, Tina Lee
Establishing a support network improves the environment...
— Paving The Way For Women In Science And Tech
...having the ability to code will likely increase economic opportunity for you, which essentially translates into greater economic security for your family.
— "Why Working Moms Should Get On The Coding Bandwagon"
We’re in a moment in history in which the technical revolution is on par with the Industrial Revolution and what it did to society. We’re building the blueprint for the next phase of human history.
— The Girl Code
If we don’t help moms, or women in general, gain a foothold in this new economy that’s knowledge and innovation-based, we’re just going to recreate all the structures we have now.
— "How MotherCoders Is Helping Moms Build Careers in Tech"
Women are making 85% of the purchasing decisions in both businesses and households. We are the economic engines and a huge set of our interests are unaddressed...
— 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference
Working as a woman in IT doesn’t have to be isolating. We’ve compiled the best organizations for women to connect with their peers, learn about career advancement, and receive the support to persevere.
— 11 Top Resources For Women in Technology
We are thrilled to have such a promising group of ventures in our next class, and we are particularly inspired to support and invest in solutions that are accelerating women and girls.
— Ayesha Khanna, founder of the Points of Light Civic Accelerator
At MotherCoders, we spend a lot of time talking about the “so what?” part of tech, which challenges our moms to think critically about the role tech (and tools in general) have in our lives.
— "5 Questions with Tina Lee, Founder of MotherCoders"
It’s clear that the tech industry can’t afford to miss out on mothers as valuable contributors.
— "The Mothers of Tech: How One Organization Supports Moms to Stay and Succeed"
We talk about the challenges of being a mom learning to code, how organizers can make their tech events more mom-friendly, and how to make coding more accessible to all mothers.
— Code Newbie Podcast
MotherCoders is working to create a more inclusive economy by on-ramping moms to careers in technology.
— 7x7 Magazine | Hot 20 Community Leadership Awards
Mothers are a diverse set and we’re ready to bring our unique perspectives to bear, to help drive the creation of new products and services, to shape the world in which our children will live. Tech needs us, and we want in.
— "Why tech needs moms"
In today’s tech-driven economy where cutthroat bidding wars for technical talent are par for the course, wouldn’t it be wonderful to tap into an existing, underutilized pool of talent that’s already educated, experienced and hungry for a chance to skill up?
— "Growing Your Tech Pipeline: Build a Paid Internship Program for Moms"
The MotherCoders course provides a stress-free environment with on-site childcare for moms who want to learn basic programming, expand their understanding of the technology landscape, and network with peers and industry professionals.
— "MotherCoders: Adding Moms To The Coding Movement"
After having her first child, Tina had a difficult time being able to increase her coding skills while looking after her young one. An epiphany – she probably wasn’t the only mom who needed childcare assistance to find the time/space to learn.
— Melissa Anzman, Launch Yourself Podcast featuring MotherCoders Founder/CEO Tina Lee
So if you’ve ever wondered whether you had the chops to succeed in this high-growth sector of the economy, here are five signs that you should dive in and learn the coding skills necessary to participate.
— "5 Signs You Were Meant for a Tech Career"
Despite a growing number of coding bootcamps sprouting up, none are aimed at moms.
— "MotherCoders Is A New Kind Of Mom's Group: Make Friends While Hacking"
MotherCoders was founded by Tina Lee who, as a mom herself, understands the challenges moms face when wanting to gain new technical skills. Offering on-site childcare is an innovative way of helping moms gain access to the technical skills necessary to thrive.
— "8 Resources for Women Learning to Code"
The program addresses the timing and childcare issues a mom might encounter when entering a profession built around a 25-year-old male’s schedule.
— "Tipping The Scales For Gender Balance In Tech"