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MotherCoders is a non-profit that helps women with kids on-ramp to careers in technology.

We offer a part-time technology training program with on-site childcare for mothers wanting to learn basic web development, gain a deeper understanding of the technology landscape, and network with peers and industry professionals. In doing so, MotherCoders is working to expand the tech talent pool by activating women who can help drive economic growth and innovation, while uplifting families and communities struggling to keep up in a globalized, tech-driven world.


Help women with kids on-ramp to careers in technology so they can thrive in a digital economy.


Code + Community + Childcare

The MotherCoders technology training program is designed to help women gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to advance toward technical careers. We offer a much-needed point of entry into the world of tech that many moms are looking for -- a starting point for a new career path that connects with existing skills and talents, passions and experiences.

Whether it’s earning a professional degree or a certificate, diving deeper into a specific programming language, gaining the skill-set needed to move into a specific role, or starting a new business, MotherCoders prepares women with kids to compete for roles in tech that pay livable wages and offer advancement opportunities.

Why focus on women with kids?

Mothers face unique challenges in the new economy

As software eats the world, the demand for technology skills will continue to grow. Yet many women with kids who want to gain the technical skills necessary to thrive in the new economy find it difficult to do so due to childcare, work, or financial constraints.

That's why MotherCoders designed a technology training program that directly addresses these challenges. In addition to a curriculum that emphasizes basic web development and design, along with industry knowledge-building and peer and professional networking, we offer our students on-site childcare -- a major barrier to access and participation to other technical training programs.

Women with kids represent an enormous talent pool

Let's face it: many women currently have or will have children in their lifetime.

Over 80% of American women will be moms by the time they reach age 40-44. And as of 2009, 32.5 million mothers under age 44 are currently raising children. (U.S. Census)

Moreover, many women with children are college graduates with valuable work experience who merely need to update their technical skills to compete in today's economy.

Twenty-seven percent of women under age 44 have a bachelor's degree or more. (U.S. Census)

Sixty-six percent of moms under age 44 are already participating in the labor force.

MotherCoders is working to on-ramp more women with children to careers in technology because we believe the strength and vibrancy of our economy -- and thereby, our communities -- can be greater if we got more mothers with digital skills actively contributing to it.

Mothers can help fuel innovation

Women today have more earning and spending power, accounting for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending in the U.S. and making or influencing 85% of all purchasing decisions.

Mothers alone represent $2.4 trillion of the market. And with many of them already online and using technology, their participation in driving innovation can result in better products and services for everyone.

That's why the MotherCoders curriculum includes training in design thinking, as well as an overview of major trends and issues affecting the marketplace. In addition, students get to learn directly from female founders and technologists working at the front lines of technological innovation.

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