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Reasons to Give

MotherCoders has provided a bridge to a new career in design and technology. This experience has opened my eyes to the ever expanding world of technology — a world that I now know is hungry for the creativity, sensibility, and heart that moms bring.
— Pia | Web Developer at Gap Inc.
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I geek-ed out with the other moms, learning about tech and building my web development skills, and did it without feeling guilty or worried because my daughter was being cared for right next door in a nurturing space staffed with professional caregivers.
— Sarah | Web Developer at CareSource

Supported by a strong community of mentors and like-minded peers, I gained so much more than just coding skills.
— Prisca | Product Designer at Health Fidelity

I am coming back to the workforce after being gone for two years. Now I don’t feel so alone in my struggle to want to do better for myself, as an individual, and for my son.
— Angela | Web Designer + Co-Owner at A Vivid Visual

After spending 7 years at home raising my kids, MotherCoders was exactly what I needed to get onboarded and ready for my dream job in tech. It created a safe space to learn, share my fears and concerns, and gain the confidence I needed to succeed.
— Mikel | Web Developer at Degreed

Before MotherCoders I was worried about working in a silo-ed role and not having upward mobility. Since then I’ve been promoted and received a much-needed double-digit salary increase!
— Jahvita | Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at Act-on Software

MotherCoders opened my eyes to all the different opportunities in tech. It’s not a one size fits all field, and everyone’s unique personal experiences are needed. I left knowing I can make a valuable contribution.
— Colleen | interim Compliance Manager at Sungevity

So waddaya say? Will you help us diversify the tech workforce with more women like these?