We update our curriculum regularly to reflect the changing issues and trends that are driving the tech industry. We also work hard to meet the learning needs of our students by incorporating their feedback after each program session. Below is the curriculum we used for our Fall 2016 classes.  

Introduction to the New Economy

  • How we got here and why it matters
  • A brief history of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Business Models in the New Economy
  • Living in the digital age: Challenges & Opportunities

Learning Goal: Gain an understanding of the ways in which the Internet Revolution has changed society economically and socially.

Introduction to Web Development

  • Web Development 101 (languages, frameworks, development methodologies, and team roles)
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment
  • Implementing Version Control (Git, Github)

Learning Goal: Gain an understanding of the web development process and prepare for building a website using html, css, and Javascript.

Intro to Design

  • User Experience (UX) vs User Interaction (UI)
  • Web Design principles
  • Designing user personas
  • Human Centered Design
  • Design Thinking Workshop

Learning Goal: Gain an understanding of the role of design in product development and practice using Design Thinking to create new products and services. 

Life in the Age of Big Data 

  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Privacy & Security in a Digital Age

Learning Goal: Learn how Big Data and Machine Learning are driving the tech industry and their effect on privacy and security, while exploring potential career opportunities in data science and info-security.

Career Road-mapping

  • How to curate your professional online presence (do's and don't-s)
  • LinkedIn profile workshop (update profile with new skills and knowledge gained through MotherCoders program)
  • Tech Bootcamp Panel (speak with various bootcamp grads to explore options for further skill development)
  • Personal website review and demo (peer review of individual class projects) 

Learning Goal: Create a plan of action that prepares you to advance toward the next phase of your journey toward a new career in tech, discover how online or in-person bootcamps can help you gain advanced skills needed to transition into a technical role, and gather peer feedback for enhancing your personal website.

Class Field-trip

  • Meet a tech team
  • Meet women founders

Learning Goal: Discover new career pathways in tech, learn how it's like to work on a tech team, hear directly from women founders about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. 

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