Alexis's Reflections on Week 2

Question: What are some worries or concerns you have about living in today's digital world?

In the words of Aldous Huxley, “It’s a brave, new world.” My worries and concerns about living in today’s digital world include:

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

  • Am I sharing too much of myself or my family?
  • How secure is my digital identity?
  • Will trolls harass me if I say something they don’t like?
  • Can I afford not to be digitally connected in the world?
  • Can one even function without having access to the internet?

Being a millennial, I am a product of the web, which is both worrying and exciting.

Screens, screens, everywhere!

It is very hard to do anything without being connected to the Internet these days. Shopping for anything is now easier than ever, and keeping up with your friends and family takes no more than opening an app on your phone. It’s crazy to think that there was a time not long ago when companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter Instagram didn’t exist, because now we can barely function without them.

We have become so reliant on technology that many of us constantly have a phone in front of our faces. I, for one, feel the need to be connected to the digital world at all times, though easy access to instant connection has come with mixed blessings. When I was pregnant, I showed my digital family my growing belly, who were then instantly able to share the joy when my daughter was born. After my daughter was born, however, I became addicted to reading and playing apps on my phone or Kindle whenever I had to feed her -- which was often.

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As a mother, I also have to wonder how tech use might affect my daughter.

  • Will she grow to see me as the mother who can never put her phone or Kindle down?
  • Will she become nearsighted from staring at screens for hours everyday?
  • Will she be left behind in school or compromise her future job prospects if I limit her tech use?

Striking the right balance

I would like to find the right balance between having a digital life and a real life, while also keeping my daughter safe and healthy. I want my daughter to be able to appreciate being outside and not have her head stuck staring at a screen all the time. (At 9 months, she is already mimicking my actions while using a laptop, smashing on the keys and trying to type.)

As technology adoption grows and changes us, I think it’s critical that we understand its costs and benefits, potentials and limits. While it is worrying not knowing where technology will take us, it is very exciting to be part of the revolution.

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