A Love Letter From Prisca

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Dear MotherCoders community,

I'd like to share with you a letter from Prisca Ekkens, a mom in our Fall 2014 class who wants to tell you about the impact MotheCoders has made on her life.

As we approach the final week of our crowdfunding campaign, I hope you'll consider pitching in at this very critical time. With a class comprised solely of moms that are female veterans planned for spring, plus moms regularly reaching out to us to inquire about future sessions, your donation will enable us to continue on-ramping moms like Prisca to careers in tech.

Please read Prisca's letter below and consider making a tax deductible donation at MotherCoders: A giant hack for moms who want in.

Thank you,

Tina Lee
Founder, MotherCoders

Dear Friend,

It's 4:36 a.m., and my screen glows in the darkness of my kitchen as I huddle over my computer, trying to figure out how to rotate a shape using CSS. Three weeks ago, I was afraid that I'd missed the boat and would never learn to code. Today, I sit in the quiet morning hours before my son wakes up and work on a website that will showcase my portfolio. 

Before MotherCoders, my career as a graphic designer stagnated. Recruiters found my skills obsolete, and I was desperate to catch up. I spent a long time searching for a program that could work with my busy life as a parent, and I'm thankful I found MotherCoders because it has illuminated a whole new world of possibility for me. Supported by a strong community of mentors and like-minded peers, I'm gaining so much more than just coding skills. Armed with new goals and new confidence, I'm working to become a User Experience Designer -- a high-demand role companies are scrambling to fill.


I'm sure you've heard all the talk recently about making the tech world more accessible to women and minorities. To this list, I'd like to add mothers. As an Afro-American mother, I consume digital products, so why shouldn't I create them, too?

To help ignite the momentum, I urge you to consider making a financial donation to MotherCoders.

Will you help by donating today?


If you're unable to contribute, I hope you'll spread the word among friends and colleagues who share your desire to create more diversity in tech.

Thank you for hearing my story.


Prisca Ekkens
MotherCoders, Class of Fall 2014

About Prisca

Prisca was named after Saint Prisca, a practicing Christian under Pagan rule who was beaten, flogged, starved, and survived being burned on a pillar of fire only to be beheaded shortly after. While a bit dramatic, Prisca does share her namesake's spirit of perseverance and commitment.

Prisca is also a bunch of walking contradictions: a native New Yorker that is, totally, Californian; a conscientious eater that loves loves In-N-Out; and a right brained designer that wants to code. She is an artist, designer, digital enthusiast, dreamer, and problem solver. She loves being an awesome mom to her 3-year old son, Jasper. There’s no group she'd rather be a part of right now other than Mother Coders, doing new and amazing things in the company of amazing women.