Becoming a designer who codes: Prisca's Reflection on Week 4

Question: Based on what you know today, what career path do you want to take and why?

Photo Credit:  Public Radio Exchange

Photo Credit: Public Radio Exchange

For our second build day, we had Charmaine Chan from Industrial Light & Magic and Helen Hosain from Sharethrough on hand to coach us through the development of our respective websites. In addition to answering all our questions and helping us work through the bugs in our code, they brought with them an arsenal of resources and made lots of suggestions that led to many "ah-ha" moments.

First, I’m happy to announce that after two weeks of trying out various code editors, the search is over. When Helen suggested Brackets, I gave it a spin and it was like someone switched on the headlights. Hal-la-lu-aaaaah! Live preview and legible lines of code–Oh my! Seeing what works and doesn’t as I type–Ah-mazing!

Like all the phenomenal women that have paid a visit, Charmaine and Helen were so generous with their time and of themselves. I feel that they’re rooting for us, and I don’t want to disappoint them by being anything less than I’m capable of achieving. Okay... breathe.

Thinking beyond MotherCoders

A few weeks at MotherCoders and my confidence has grown to soaring heights, and so have my career goals. Helloooo, Adobe, Pinterest and Google! Are you guys hiring?

I now also want to build my own product(!), and I know it's possible because I talked to a woman that did it -- our guest speaker from our first class, Sheri Atwood, founder of SupportPay. Three weeks later, and I’m still lifted by her talk.

I’m listening to this podcast series called Startup. It’s an brutally honest yet inspiring account of what’s it’s like to start a business in the tech world. Could that be me? Do I have what it takes to go out there and promote myself, or sell an idea? I’m keeping my dreams BIG while I figure it out.

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