Zane's Reflections on Week 3: Our 1st Build Day

Question: What has surprised you about building your first website? What has been easy or challenging and why? What things have you had to consider that you didn't know you had to think about?

Compulsory shot of me typing

Compulsory shot of me typing

Things were intense this Saturday as everybody got more comfortable with HTML and CSS and started working on their projects. It was again wonderful to see everybody and have all those amazing conversations, working on our projects at the same table together, sharing our work and learning from each other. What a diverse and inspiring group!

Like riding a bike

Before coming to MotherCoders I wasn’t thinking about the roadmap that was ahead of me. Still, I wasn’t surprised to learn that it takes time to master web development fundamentals.

Even though it was easy to get a conceptual understanding of CSS and start building my site with it (much easier than I thought it would be), I found it much harder to create a harmonic and balanced design.

Now I’m learning about grid layouts, color schemes, and responsive web design to better design. To become a competent web developer, I plan to learn more Javascript and brush up my SQL skills. I also want to pick up Ruby.

Moms helping moms

Natalie at work

Natalie at work

It was also so inspiring to have MotherCoders pilot class alum Natalie Low as our web development coach. When I was having a difficult time coming up with clear vision for the site I wanted to build, she provided insight on how I could pull it all together by using content I already had. Natalie helped me realize what I wanted to achieve and gave me invaluable advice. Overall, this first build day has been a very rewarding experience. I was reminded of how much fun I used to have programming!

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